Saturday, March 12, 2011

Results of a poll

Since my blog is relatively new, there were only 32 votes in total.

How often do you play V:tes?

Once a week.  15 (46%)

Once in two weeks.  7 (21%)

Once in a month. 2 (6%)

Less often. 8 (25%)

Almost  half of players, who voted are able to arrange weekly games. Our playgroup is also meeting at least once a week and I am happy, that others have this option too. Once in two weeks seems also ok, but less often seems too little. I know I am probably very lucky, that my playgroups meets very often and there is opportunity for me to play and test all of my numerous decks. I wonder how playgroups which meet less than once in two weeks are doing in terms of continuous playing. I guess that it would demotivate some players in our group to even show at all, when meetings and games would be so scarce. Some of them would seek a new hobby or something new to dedicate their time to. I was really sad to notice, that Singing VTES, which was one of blogs i follow, is looking like V:tes is dead and he is now moving to play AGOT. I cannot deny, that his logic to move to game, which is actually moving, is pretty tempting. On the other hand - V:tes is still pretty variable game with lot of potential and lot of drama. 

 I have been a little busy planing events and bugging czech NC to appoint me as prince of Ostrava (which he did). So hopefuly league will start in two weeks, we will play duel tournament parallel to the league and we are going to play 2 vs 2 tournament, which we couldn't fit into Bik V:tes cup. So there will be plenty of reports really soon and until then, I will post here one of my combat decks, which i am seeking to improve and has some real in game problems.