Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gliwice 2011 - few photos

I have received some photos from Polish NAC and I haven't been updating this blog for a while, so I will post few of them to keep this blog alive and I promise, that I will be providing some new content soon.

Preparations just after our arrival.

We had quite a laugh even during registration.

One of the tables. I am so glad, that it wasn't mine table - it shows, what I do not like at tournaments. Except my friends crescendo Dughters, every other deck looks like archetype, which was played a thousand times. Well I know, that is reason to play them. So we have here AAA / Vignes grinder/ Nana buruku + friends / Tremere (Carna) block.
So you can see me in the back with Count Germaine pentexed :)
So my second table, when my star vampire was stolen from me and I had to beat him to torpor:)
Time for a break...
My last table.
Final table...

Once again I must say, that this place was pretty cool and I enjoyed this event very much. I know, photos are a little self-centered, but hell ... It is my blog :)

See you next time.