Saturday, April 19, 2014

Czech ECQ and Council in the Woods Storyline

I am preparing for next week right now. Czech ECQ and storyline will be held in Bystřička in Motobar Royal Star. Since I will be running the event, there is pretty good chance I will not be playing at all. It is a little sad, but I am ok with both options. When playing, I will probably choose very simple deck, so I can perform my duties and there will be very little distractions. On the other hand if not playing, I will be qualified for EC and event will more likely run smoothly.

Although the event wasn't advertised too much, we hope for good attendance and many players will be staying overnight for a storyline. The venue has beds for 30 people, but the main room should support at least 50 players if needed.

There will be some casual games and drinking on friday, ECQ on saturday and storyline on sunday. Anyone can participate in any event, but i recommend trying them all for good experience. For the ecq there will be standard tournament rules and will be played with 3R+F with 2 hours time limit for each round including finals. As for the storyline....

“Wake up, guests are on the way.”

“Really? Is it time for snack again?”

“Not that kind of guests. Apparently we were chosen for some big time meeting. I am not sure, who are they, but it looks pretty serious. I mean, there should be at least twenty delegates and they’re going to negotiate something.”

“Why would anyone that important want to meet here? They are usually used to their luxury items”
“I really do not want to know and you should not either. We just have to make sure they are comfortable and their needs are taken care of.”

“Ok, so we need to prepare for twenty of them? That should not be too complicated.”

“Twenty VIPs, but they will have their entourage with them. So this place will be packed to the roof and there will be conflicts. We need to make sure there won’t be any faux pas.”

Each delegation will get their lackey? There should be enough of them ready. I’m glad we were prepared. I will make sure they will attend to all their needs.”

“Double check on that. If someone gets pissed or if someone manages to use those lackeys against their party, we won’t live another day and it will not be pleasant. According to my info, these will be real beasts. They will probably not talk at all. All of those “talks” will be handled by their younger ones, but rest assured – they will have backup in case anything goes wrong. We have to be careful, or this place will go nuclear.”

“We should begin with the preparation right now. And hope that it will be enough.”

One after another, windows in the old house came back to life with movement and light. It will be ready for you and your minions. What about you? Will you be ready?


·        Each player receives one „Lackey“ card depending on his selection. It should be placed in a sleeve in front of a regular crypt card. In the beginning of each game it should be placed in his uncontrolled region. Lackeys are not unique and do not contest each other. They are considered independent clanless vampires. When they enter play from the uncontrolled region for the first time, their controller must choose a clan and they are enslaved to that clan for the remainder of the game.

·        Each player starts with the “Friends in High Places” in play.

·        At least 75% (e.g., 9 out of 12) of the minions in each player’s crypt must be of the same clan.
·         Slave minions (except Lackeys) can take directed actions even if there is no ready member of their enslaving clan in play.

·        There is no pool cost for moving a scarce minion into your ready region.

·        All storyline cards will be provided by organizer and you need only to bring spare sleeves for them


If you would like to attend this event, please let me know so I can have some estimate about number of people (booked rooms and food portions estimate) we should expect. Also note, that the venue only accepts czech currency and room space is limited. I will answer any question within 24 hours so feel free to ask me about anything regarding this event. Even when arriving on last minutes notice, I am sure there will be place to sleep and something to eat and definitely someone to play with, but at least some notice would be nice.

See you next time...

Friday, April 4, 2014

Still alive

I have not posted anything in a while. Seems unrelated, but probably from time I have been given NC position for Czech Republic, things just started to be more hectic. We had a little drop in attendance on our thursday plays. Still I have managed to build three new decks and I am preparing for Czech Europian Championship Qualifier and storyline which will follow after that. Since I will be running that event, I might probably end up not playing, but I do not mind at this point. I just pray for big attendance and that everyone will enjoy this event. I will follow up with post about storyline and its details, but for now, I just want to try to keep Czech Vtes on the map.

See you next time...