Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Not enough mana

That is how I lately feel about V:tes. No energy, very tired and very little inspiration. Even after news about POD, I find it hard to put as much effort to dive in V:tes as much as I did for last year or two. It is not like I do not have passion for games or TCGs for particular. Proof of that is my relatively large pledge on HEX project, which seems like a game with a great potential. I know, that this project and V:tes are not really related, but reading about it and thinking about what i like and do not like on games made me think about what is happening with V:tes and once again, about its future.

For me, things are moving as little as there were in standstill. We have some timeframe for reprints, but none whatsoever for new cards. Ok, maybe that is not true, but I just grew tired of trying to got through every topic on VEKN and try to find any little information hidden somewhere. I have stopped looking at card ideas long time ago, because ... well if there is no way for a loooooooooooooooong time for entire vekn to get some cards out, what the hell is a point to look at cards that, that will not be considered for even longer. I have built numerous new decks, deconstructed those that are not working or not fun to play, made new from last time I wrote and I have considered building even more. But in the end, I fear, there will be no more options. The day is still far away, but it is a sad thought.

I was trying to organize tournaments and league games and different formats, but I am less and less successfull. Each time I have to talk more to each player and remind them and each time there are more dropouts just before tournament. We have a new player, but we lost a lot more. Each time I see topic on vekn labeled "selling my collection" or "ebay sale," I know that we are not only ones with problems. I loved guys from Cause and Effect, but even their activity now is well.. Not to blame them. They have done a great work for community and I appreciate that.

Now don't get me wrong, I love V:tes and will keep playing for as long as there will be oponents. There is no better game to play in pub with a good beer in your hand. But one again it got me thinking about those things, that went wrong.

One thing V:tes really did not have is publicity. I did not know about that such a game existed. We only stumbled upon it because my friend was payed for work with some stuff from fantasy store and he got a starter, because he is the type to try everything. But even after playing for some time, there was really little to find on the web. Now we have vekn and a few GREAT blogs and as I have mentioned, Cause and Effect. But apart from that, there is a very little. Playgroups are very tight, but outside of them, no one knows what are they actually doing. I always thought, that this is just killing this game and well, it is really hard to be wrong here.

And the rules. So I have played some MTG for a little while and still knew rules more than V:tes after three years. Only after learning a lot and becoming judge and prince, I am confident, that I know basics. I know a lot of rulings and I am fairly good at this, but I could be still surprised by things like Increased strength and Heroic might. It is nearly impossible to contain it all. I am trying to keep up with vekn rules question and check them for updates. Although I know 99.5% answers, there are still surprises left hidden. Last time I tied to explain basics to a newbie, I got so tied up in specific situations, that I was nearly incapable of explaining most simple stuff.

Solve these two and V:tes can live. In time, there will be need for new cards, that is for sure. But building big playerbase and getting new and young players? I am getting more and more pessimistic by the minute.

I would like to get something with more substance and optimism, but this is all I have at this moment. I hope you are not getting tired with my rants, but at least writting this stuff down feels like i am doing something related to V:tes.

See you next time...