Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fee Stake: Ostrava - Pictures and Comments

There were actually two photographers at this event, but i will present only few pictures to illustrate atmosphere at the event. I will try to bring more game oriented photos.

This is room in our favourite pub. All of our previous and probably also future events were held at this pub. But this room is actually new. You can also see most of the participants.

This picture sadly does not show much of the decks. But you can see, that Una freakshow has been busy.

Mid - game of my first table. Far left - Potomek (Tzimisce wall), far right myself (Tremere politics 0.2), close left Obi-Wan (The sensory deprivator) and close right Fojtik (Weenie animalism).

Start of the final table. I would be glad to bring you more photos from this table, but mysteriously - there are none. It is probably due to my help to backoust my predator in my second game. He was one of the photographers and he was not pleased:)

Few comments:

1) I was corrected by the owner of the Nergal deck. Primary mechanism of that deck was actually Shatter the Gate, but I never saw it in play. I therefore concluded, that it is a bleed deck with bad luck at card cycling. I am very sorry for this mistake.

2) Tournament winning deck can be fount at The Lasombra. There have been of course a few adjustment in comparison to original, but there are still weak points, which should be repaired. For example - I am not an idiot and I would include few Eyes of Argus to this deck, but (my luck) I don't own any.

3) Thinking back to this tournament and this deck - I was very lucky to know most of the decks at this tournament and could plan ahead from the start of each game. Influencing out wrong vampire, getting low on pool or overestimating myself could have been deadly. I should look into this factor in future. Seems it has been underestimated.

4) I was actually judging this event and did pretty lousy job. I will try to improve my skills in future.

5) I am now planning to launch our league. At the same time we are working at duel tournament and I will be applying to be prince of our city. If theese things all go well, there will be probably more events soon.

Will be back soon with more.

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