Monday, February 13, 2012

Tournament ahead

As our next constructed tournament will be this saturday, I am once again unsure what to play. Granted our metagame has shifted from "What the hell is wrong with you guys?" combat heavy angle to more aggresive pool damaging decks and options are not as clear anymore. In this moment I have around 13-15 decks, which are spread from "fun to play" to "reasonably strong" and almost each one is an option. So this is not helping either.

I am surely not using any of my power bleed or stealth bleed decks, which are basically boring and I use them only for boosting my self esteem or gaining cheap points during league.

I am tempted to play on of the political decks, which I have used during EC, because I am fairly confident with them and both are very strong. But then no surprise from me.

Well my only block deck would be an option, but I have rebuilt it some time ago and never done proper testing.

Trujah bleed is definitely adept, but it is the same problem. I know it is strong, but i have played like one game with this deck.

I have recently tested some toolboxy and combat decks, but both are very hard to play at this moment. Our enviroment is still less combat heavy than usual, but on the other hand, there is still a lot more combat defense than usual, so once again challenge to play.

As usual, I will pick one right before tournament, but I will be back with at least tournament winning deck, but I will try to bring some photos or write report...

See you next time...

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