Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kickstarter for V:tes?

Ok I know that title of my post probably says it all, but I have recently backed two projects on Kickstarter. Both were computer games - those types I like, but it seems, like it is just more profitable to do 3D shooters or something like that. I am really grateful for kickstarter idea and I just love those projects.

For those, who do not know about Kickstarter: The way it works is, that this page hosts a different projects. These project have their funding goals and people are pledging differents ammounts of money for it. Once the time for this project runs out, there are two options:
1) Funding goal wasn't achieved - nothing happens, project is shut down and no one loses his money
2) Funding goal was achieved - pledged money is acquired from everyone who pledged and project is realized.
There are often different levels of pledge - example for computer game - you pledge 20 USD - you get digital copy of game, you pledge 50 USD - you get DVD copy, 100 makes collectors edition and you see where this is going.

But in the end, it got me thinking.... I know, that there are probably only a few companies, that could pick up V:tes at this point and partly funding this with Kickstarter may help. There is not much I know about how  negotiations about ressurecting this game are going, but this maybe something to consider.

The concept is easy enough - company that is interested should set up goal, pledge levels - well we can see right from the start - boosterboxes, starterboxes of new edition / reprinted edition, maybe some promo things, like those tableclots or bags were...

Ok I know it is a longshot, but I am just puting it out there. I would like to talk about this more on to get more feedback from the community. So this is all for now,

See you next time...


  1. White Wolf has run a Kickstarter in the past.
    You would need someone from WW or CCP to get it set up for it to actually go anywhere.

  2. There is a problem: WotC IP. I get the feeling they were trying to milk their IP for everything they can get before the Patent runs out in 2014. As a community, we need to wait it out and get the people with financial interests in VTES (Walches & Nusser, The Lasombra, etc) to get cosy with CCP/WW so that when the IP runs out they can either:
    1) Get a licence for the oWoD material they need to run VTES.
    2) Buy VTES and get a 'perpetual' IP agreement (i.e. they own the IP needed to print VTES).

    1. Actually the info about the patent running out in 2014 is VERY interesting - does that mean it can't be renewed to its full extent? I'm not exactly sure how this works but if so, it's already been worse and we survived. :-)

  3. I've done some research on this. Here's one of the problems that i see: Hasbro/WotC. VTES still has "Deckmaster" on the backs of the cards, and you still rotate the cards 90 degrees to show you've activated them, and that is all Hasbro/WotC

    So, from my understanding, you need to not only get CCP/WhitWolfs approval, but you need to get Hasbro/WotCs approval to allow back into the market a game that (they'll probably view) competes with magic and pokemon (which are still big sellers for them). Now that seems to me like a much bigger hurdle than getting the IP from white wolf.