Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back from the EC report 2/4 - Day 1

So after my not realy good performance at the nations cup, I went for something solid and tested by many before me, so I had chosen deck that I ripped off. I usualy do not like copying decks that much, but this time, I wanted to go for day 2 and this deck offered pretty good chances.

Deck Name: Edward Vignes Rip-off
Author: Silmegil

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=7 avg=5)
 1x  Boss Callihan                     5  dom for pro PRE  Ventrue:3
 1x  Catherine du Bois                 5  for obf pre DOM  Ventrue:3
 1x  Diana Vick                        3  dom pre          Ventrue:3
 3x  Edward Vignes                     6  for DOM PRE      Ventrue:3
 1x  Elena Gutierrez                   4  aus dom pre      Ventrue:3
 1x  Gracis Nostinus                   7  aus for DOM PRE  Ventrue:3
 1x  Ingrid Russo                      4  for DOM          !Ventrue:2
 1x  Pieter van Dorn                   4  dom pre tha      Tremere:3
 2x  Ranjan Rishi, Camarilla Scholar   5  for DOM PRE      Ventrue:2

Library (73 cards)
Master (12)
 2x Anarch Troublemaker
 4x Blood Doll
 1x Coven, The
 1x Giant's Blood
 1x Life in the City
 1x Lilith's Blessing
 1x Misdirection
 1x Pentex(TM) Subversion

Action (20)
 4x Entrancement
11x Govern the Unaligned
 5x Mind Numb

Action Modifier (20)
 4x Bonding
 7x Conditioning
 3x Daring the Dawn
 2x Foreshadowing Destruction
 4x Seduction

Reaction (13)
 7x Deflection
 3x Delaying Tactics
 2x On the Qui Vive
 1x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (8)
 8x Majesty

Created with Secret Library v0.9.4a. (Oct 31, 2012 00:46:52)

First game:

Me - Stanislava - Arika and friends - Jaroslav Pascek and friends - Ira Rivers block

Well this game started with me hating random again, since there were three players from Czech republic on this table - my predator and grandprey. Ira rivers did not show, so my predator tried to fish for him almost entire game with only two au weenies. I slowed down my prey with mind numb on Stanislava and second one on Illiana, but he stil had a great start and I had to be slow to get rid of his deflection and not damaging my prey too much. I tried to kill my prey, because my grandprey was dying, but I just did not have correct cards and this failed attempt made me slow. Stanislava was able to kill two players, before I was ready again, but before I could act, she had ousted third player with two Daring the dawn. I had to use two deflections to survive those misdirected bleeds for 6, so I stayed in the game. In the end, I was able to oust my prey, but it was too late and GW was already his. But it was not a bad start, so 2 VPs for me.

Second game:

Eurobrujah - Lutz anarch revolt - Me - Weenie Warghouls - Lutz and Unmada vote

Ok, another czech player on this table and it was my grandpredator. If you are asking why so little Czech players got to Day 2 - here is your answer - we kept meeting in our games and demolishing each other. My prey got a great start with first turn horatio, second turn jake washington, warghoul and unmasking. After that, he ran out of luck, drawing six more warghoul and no jakes. I ended up stealing his warghoul after he blocked my hunt. My predator brought out 3 anarch revolts, but ended up loosing 10 pool, when he discovered, that it is not lutz, who he influenced out, but another Anarch Convert. And this ended game for both of them. Both I and My predator managed to score VP and after a while I managed to oust my grandprey even. And after that I have made like the most stupid thing during entire tournament. I got total tunnel vision that I had to stop my predator from ruhing my minions as a priority. I had managed to torporize his Theo Bell with stolen Warghoul and he was left on one pool. I had two minions out, warghoul and there was no way, that he could do anything against me, but I was so focused on having spare minions, that I influenced out another one, leaving myself on 4 pool. You can imagine, what happened. Govern with seduction and foreshadowing. I was totaly mad at myself after this game. It was certain, that it will be 1GW and 4VPs for me, but I screwed it sooooo much. But what can you do. Two vps still left me in the game and I was putting all my hopes and efforts to third game.

Third game:

Unnamed bleed - !Toreador palla grande bleed - Me - Weenie nosferatu obf bleed/politics - Ventrue princes

And there was, surprise surprise, another czech player on this table. This time my grandprey. My prey was clever and left two or more of his minions untapped each turn, so it was not easy for me to go forward. I tried to go forward, but I got even bounced once - one of his minions had inferior dominate. This ended like a failed attempt because i did not draw into any bleed cards and managed to send anarch troublemaker to my grandprey. That was basicaly endgame for him. I had stabilized my hand with two deflections, two seductions, delaying tactics, pentex subversion and I continued to bleed for one with most of my minions and just waited for opportunity. My grandprey died, but I knew that there is nothing to do for him from my side and I was waiting for opportunity. It happened few turns after when I delayed con boon, deflected two bleeds at stealth, played pentex (only to cycle) - but was washed by my predator and then I have made two bleeds for three at 1 stealth and second with daring and I made sure that dominate weenie did not have blood to flick. Turn after I was able to oust girl who played Unnamed deck (her unnamed did not show for entire time), because she was already prety low on pool. In the heads up I was able to finish my predator and get 1 GW and 4 VP.

So that was enough for me to get to 12th place after the day 1 and thus qualifying for the Day 2. Sad thing was, that if I did not screw up second game, I would have been sitting in finals and even been top seed. After I had realized that, I got pretty mad on myself once again. Only thing that realy got my hopes up was that I had qualified for the second day. Unfortunately I was only one from czech republic. Seeing that I have faced (and have been stealing VPs) five players from Czech republic, this was really not fun for me - since to some point I have lowered their chances. I was pretty beaten up after this, so I went to sleep pretty soon and hoped for the best in Day 2. That is enough for the day 1 and I will be continuing in next part.

See you next time....

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