Friday, January 18, 2013

Thoughts about cards - 1) Giant's Blood

I have currently two unfinished posts and huge writters block, so I will try to start a series of short posts with my thoughts of some cards. They should be short, simple and from my personal point of view. I hope I will be able to finish at least these.

I was usualy against including this card when it came to deckbuilding. My reasoning was, that this is very unreliable card - you cannot play lots of it, you will never have it when you need it and it will often end up as a dead card. I ended up with 0 coppies in all of my decks, including those, that would really used this card.

But yesterday, in a process of modifying one of my more retarded decks, I discovered, that I have ran out of them and I am using them more and more. I have started to think about, what has led to a such huge change in my deckbuilding.

Only thing I have came up is, that this is just another aftershock from introducing villein to the game. And yes I know, that it happened a long time ago, but since the ceaseproduction of this game, developments of new decks and strategies are slowing down and Villein has become permanent part of Vtes tournament scene. And if you are playing mid to high caps, why don't just throw one in. If you are able to villein same minion twice for almost all of his blood, it can be a gamechanger. And that is of course most extreme case.

When constructing deck, which has need for some blood gain these days, I just put Giant's there, because I just cannot let others benefit from this huge advantage. I have few deck, where I can benefit a lot from playing this card, but on the other hand, there are decks, that will just benefit more. I often end up playing it early for not much benefit, but just denying playing others is often enough. This has led me to adding this card to more and more decks and this trend will probably last.

In the end, I really do not like this card. Its effect on each game is much more based on luck, than it should be. I would be satisfied with changing "Only one Giant's Blood can be played in a game." to "Each player can play only one Giant's Blood in a game." or even ban this card altogether.

I know there are lot of people, that they are satisfied with the way it is, and I am not surprised. To issue errata or ban cards in dead game is further complicating things, but with this card, I belive that is just not right to let a card, that has this much luck/strength potential in the game.

Once again, this post is a lot longer, than intended from start and I will end it here. I will be back with some more cards soon an probably some other topics.

See you next time...


  1. If I had the chance to go back and write the card differently, I think that it would make sense to make it just give 4 blood instead of fill a vampire. At that point it is good, but not as fantastic as refilling an IC member. The risk of it being a dead card would be comparatively higher, since the reward is less. If it cost a pool and only gave four blood, that would still be fine. Other cards might reasonably edge out Giant's Blood for blood gain.

  2. That would really make difference with this card. I still dislike the "Only one Giant's Blood/Week of Nightmares/etc. may be played in a game" part. Still, there is not much we can do now. Still I wonder if it is really influence of villein, that I see this card more and more, or is it just our meta. I will probably do some more research on that.