Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thoughts about cards - 2) Pentex(TM) Subversion

So as our metagame scene grows stronger and stronger and as I attend tournaments, I have been encountering this card more and more. And there is no surprise - it is really strong.

1) One stars/high caps -  I usually play star or at least high cap decks and this card is often enough to cripple this deck to a point, where it just waits to be ousted. Acting deck is usually shut down totally, since you need to multiact and your tool up actions are lost. Blockish are stripped of their main defense. Yes, you still can use bounce, but that may not be enough without proper cycling.

2) Midcaps - Although not as powerfull as with high caps, ability to shut down main blocker - like Carna for example, is very good. Often that one round, where that one minion cannot block you maybe enough. It may be that one intercept, ivory bow, or being a prince, that bothers you, but solution is universal. Same way, block deck can get rid of that one minion, which bothers them, or just again slow dow those initial tool up actions, like govern superior.

3) Lowcaps - even less effective, but eliminating one vampire for price of two pool can often save you much more.

Again, these thoughts are nothing new. Everyone has used it, or was killed by it and again, when moving closer and closer to tournament scene, I keep seeing this card more and more. Is it bad? I am not sure. I dislike its ability to shut down almost every one star deck. Would we see this card on the table more rarely, if its cost would be 3 pool? I doubt it. Even with 4 pool cost, I would play it in same decks. Of course, there would be times, when this card would be too much expensive, but most of the time, it would still be worth it. And I think that says a lot. Speaking with other players, some of them confirmed this opinion.

I have read some discussions, where people were advised, that his card should either restrict acting, or blocking, but not both. Another interesting idea was to give pentexed vampire ability to remove pentex.

Although all those ideas are interesting, I think that this card goes long way back and changing it this much would be too much. Although this card will be pain in my behind for a long time, since I tend to play high caps and probably will in the future, I would stick to increasing cost of this card by one pool. It isn't much, but I believe that it would help a little to balance this card. It would still remain pretty strong though.

I am not sure, what next article will be about, but I will try to continue writting about things I find interesting.

See you next time...


  1. Good Star decks have learnt to deal with it. They typically keep their suddens for the inevitable Pentex and / or play 2 - 3 copies themselves to contest.

    I think the cost is fine as it is as it makes contesting more viable. Increasing the cost would only make it more accessible to the dominate deck with more pool to spend...

    The unique mechanic is enough, it's just something that should be at the forefront of your mind if you plan on playing a star vamp deck.

  2. Well yes, I know, that star deck should be able to defend its star and these are viable options, but I still think, that for its versatility, the card is too cheap. I would argue about accesibility - I am pretty sure, that it would be played almost in the same ammounts as now. I have no problem with its effect on star decks (other than I do not like to get pentexed), but the cost/effect ratio seems wrong to me. Its versatility is what is bothering me.

  3. We played an interesting game on Monday. 4 player table, 3 wallish decks and plenty of contesting (not just Pentex) — without the contesting there was no way anyone would have been able to remove any of the Pentexes coming in and out of play. I don't think that dynamic would have occurred if the cost was 3 pool.

    It's a moot point any as way the cost is unlikely to change...

  4. I find it sad, how cards in most CCGs that were made over 10+ years ago, finally get some play or even heavy play and shut things down, then people want re-writes or erratas to rules or even straight changes in cards. They were printed how they were printed. If you can find a diamond in the rough GOOD FOR YOU, that's what all these old CCGs are going to be about and I LOVE THAT. Eventually tho, like most CCGs with a meta-game, or semi-meta-game, other cards will come out or back to trump the new kid on the block. This is the STRUGGLE. Damn I love THIS game... :) Great article.