Thursday, August 22, 2013

Preparing for Czech National Championship

With championship comming this weekend, I am once again faced with decision about what deck to take. Of course I want to go to Stockholm for EC, but between financial demands and lots of other things, I am not sure, if there will be chance to pull it off. So there is not a lot of motivation for going with something strong and boring. In desperate need for win, I would probably go for Edward Vignes and might still consider this deck, but I am not in the mood for it right now.

I am tempted to run into my safety zone and my tremere politics deck, which is until today only deck, that secured me game win. Actualy, two of them. But once again, not in the mood, but definitely more fun.

Then I was thinking to go for Gotsdam block, but everytime when playing block deck, one must be prepared for two hours long game which often end with time limit and that is not the fun I am looking for.

After this, I have probably three options left.

Count Germaine bleed/rush. Deck I am working on for few years now and I still do not get the feel that it is perfect, although it is on completely different level than in the begining. But then again - I have grown soft when playing combat and sometimes spare a minion, that shouldn't be spared. I would love to shine with this deck but in the end it is least likely option I will go for.

Scout and friends is very good option and it performed quite well in Budapest and there have been some tweaks since then, which have pushed the potential even further. Fast and clean deck, but has a lot of problems with speedy bleed decks, which I expect at the event and I am not sure I'd like to pack my cards afte five minutes.

!Gangrel toolbox is my last, but most probable choice. Although it does not pack as much punch, multiple ousting options and toolboxy nature is most fun I had in time when playing a deck. On the other hand, this deck relies heavily on Aksinya and contesting is not something I am looking forward to and even can survive. It will be still my primary choice though.

Even when everything blows, there is still draft tournament, so I hope that I will at least do something there. I will try to make notes and at least make some minireport, so stay tuned.

See you next time...

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