Monday, April 4, 2011

League 1st round

We finally played 1st round of league game last thursday. Since there were eight players present for the game, we composed two four-player tables. Unfortunately second table was finished way way before our table, so I can't say precisely what happened there, but I was told, that old school Giovanni power bleed has taken the whole table - so nothing interesting there.

My table had following seating order:

Fojtik (!Toreador anarch bleed with undue influence, Palla Grande)
Potomek (Group 2 Samedi bleed with corpses)
Me (Germain combat madness)
Tuko (Big cap Ventrue politics)

Fojtik started by quickly influencing out small !Tor and bleeding Potomek. Potomek on the other hand tried to build up his corpse army and try to gain as much pool as possible through Litttle mountain cemetery. I have made an early deal with potomek, that he will aply only moderate pressure on me an I won't backrush his minions. Thanks to that I was able to apply pressure to my prey, which brought out Queen Anne. She got torporized, rescued and torporized again. Unfortunately, Tuko was able to play Villein on her and bring out Arika. My Germaine was merged, but I could not bleed effectively, because Arikas Deflections. Meanwhile Fojtik was able to build up a solid army of minions despite of Scourge of Enochians destroing two of his underlings. Then Tuko decided, that Fojtik will keep me from killing him more, than Potomek and he threw some Kine Resources cross-table. Thanks to that, Potomek was ousted. I was able to oust Tuko during the next round thanks to rescuing Queen Anne, sending her to torpor and then bleeding for three. Arika did not have way to untap, which sealed the deal. Fojtik had four minions at this point and My hand was little jammed at this point. I was able to send only one of his minions to torpor and others killed me. Damn.

1st table: Bik_76 - 1GW 4 VP
2nd table: Me - 1VP
                Fojtik - 1 GW 3 VP

The game was fun for me, although I did not win, but it was because I was playing one of my favourite decks. I am looking forward to next rounds an will continue to report them here.


  1. Tuko's Queen Anne had Fame on her. You forgot to mention it :0)

  2. Yep, that is true. It would not be such a good strategy from my side without fame on her:)