Friday, April 8, 2011

League 2nd round

Yesterday we played second round of our league. (I still owe extrala for posting Bochum league rules for inspiration) This time, I have brought camera to this session. Next time, I'll try to actually take some pictures with it. I must say, that game on our table was so intense, that I completely forgot about anything else than game. This time, we had composed two tables of five people. I must apologize again. I haven't been paying attention to second table. Mostly for same reasons as before. From what I've heard, Tuko's tremere bleed have conquered the whole table. Shimi was able to snatch one VP from him.

As for our table, well lets look at seating and decks:
Kunce (Enkidu multirush armageddon)
Fojtik (Animalism block combat)
Me (Count Germaine combat madness)
Bik_76 (Una freakshow)
Kaczkin (FoS stealth bleed)

I was always saying, that Ostrava has very combat-oriented enviroment. Well, I was not kidding. I was afraid right from the start. Enkidu combat is very well built and as long as he has enough blood on him, his combat is superior to mine. I was not too afraid of Una, because Germaine special - on the other hand it could get ugly if my hand would get jammed. In that situation, animalism with its deep songs could be equaly ugly. I have great staring hand. Dreams of the sphinx helped me to influence out Germaine one round sooner and also helped with my card cycling. I was able to get out a quick Preternatural strength, merge Germaine and put infamous insurgent on him. Una was able to equip with standard stuff which made her immune to frenzy, grapple cards, gave her a lot of manuevuers and enhanced her hunting. She had also equipped with eternal vigilance and raven spy. Pretty decent start was spoiled, because Kaczkin played Direct Intervention on her Eye of hazimel. Next round, another DI was played on her Freak Drive, so this was also a little slowdown. Kaczkin was building up a little at the start and managed to make deal with Kunce, not tu rush him with Enkidu. Having slowed down Una, he started som heavy bleeding a little later. Enkidu came out, made a deal with Kaczkin and started rushing forward. He was rewarded with Pentex for that and although he had two supporting vampires, he was not able to get rid of it, because of ANI blockers. Fojtik had just terrible start. Enikidu has sent two of his vampires to torpor and I have done the same. He was still able to keep one vampire after this, but it was only struggle to survival. I was slowly beating down vampires, which supported Una, with ocasional poke or two, which I did to her.

I was able to fill Germaine with Giants blood and put Heroic might on him. Una was continuing to equip, Kaczkin got all of his vampires beaten down to torpor by Enkidu, which finally got rid of Pentex. He was able to reduce Kunces pool significantly. Fojtik was still down to one vamp. Things started to move from here. Bik tried to pentex my Germaine, but was suddened by Kaczkin. I was able to oust una shortly after that, beating her to torpor first. Kunce was able to oust Fojtik. Kaczkin was able to influence out another vampire and deal some more damage to Kunce's pool, but his pool were significantly reduced and I was able to oust him. I tried to finish of Enkidu, but was able to only send to torpor his support vampires. Enkidu himself was protected by Secure Haven. I have made the mistake of bringing out another vampire, which did not have fortitude and Enkidu used him, to fill up his reduced blood. He was actually able to sent Count Germaine to torpor, but at that time, he was left only with two pool and I was able to get out from torpor and finish him of.

It was a pretty intense game until the end. I was enjoying every second of it. Combath with enkidu was decided by one card difference and could have gotten both ways. At that time, I had only three cards in my hand, so it would not end good if I lost that combat.

1st table: Tuko 1GW 4 VP
              Shimi 1 VP
2nd table: Me 1GW 4VP
               Kunce 1VP

I am satisfied with my Germaine deck at this point and will probably do only little tweaking and we could see tournament worthy deck. See you next week with another report.

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