Monday, May 2, 2011

League 3rd round

I have been a little busy with finishing my bachelor thesis, so I will try to update last few rounds as soon as possible. But since my memory isn't what it has been, they will be a little brief. But I haven't forgotten to take photos this time.

 This time, we had two tables.

Five player table:

Bik_76: Fos Bleed/politics
 Bik was able to oust only one prey, then he was beaten down by combat on both sides.

Fojtik: !Tor anarch bleed
 Theese anarch dudes are actually pretty scary, so they were beaten down by !Salubri and were easy prey for FoS. Oust was actually so quick, that this foto is after ousting.

Tuko: Saulot & friends

This deck is actually pretty ofensive, but can build up a very solid defense too. After resisting four different predators, Tuko was able to remain on the table alone.
Me: Germaine combat madness
 Siting between two combats, I was still confident because both of them used weapons and Germaine simply owns them. But I was beaten from the start, had terrible draw and was forced to diablerize my own vampire, burn Germaine in Blood Hunt and bring out new, full one.

 Shimi: Cel/Pre bleed & guns & roses

Considering this decks nemesis was predatoring him, Shimi has managed to oust his prey and almost outlive Germaine on the table in the final conflict. One pool difference was enough.

Tuko: 1 GW 2 VP
Me: 1 VP
Bik_76: 1 VP
Shimi: 1 VP

Second four player table:

Kaczkin: Fos bleed
Potomek: IC politics/bleed

Daveopava: !Gangrel weirdeness
Dilvish: Cesewayo wall

Not much to say about this one. I was sitting at the other table and my game again! lasted longer. Kaczkin was able to oust one player, before Potomek cleaned rest of the table.

Potomek: 1 GW 3 VP
Kaczkin: 1 VP

I will try to update other reports as soon as possible and also with better pictures. I should also ask extrala how he divides his photos in two columns. This report will be loooooong:)

See you next time.

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