Tuesday, May 3, 2011

League 4th round

Very sad round for me. We played one seven player (aaaargh) table. I was again taking pictures. I was trying not to start taking them after anyone was dead again, but after something already happened in the game. Well, I was succesfull at that. I had taken pictures after a while and no one was dead yet.... But somehow i missed one players, so there will be only six photos. Seriously, is there some bad karma with me and taking photos?

So the table was like this:

Fojtik: !Tor anarch bleed

This deck did not have a great start, but eventualy was able to oust hus prey, then was stopped by akunanse.

Tuko: !Tre bleed & Theft

Yep, this is the one, who I missed. I am greatly sorry for this. After a solid start, he was stopped by akunanse wall + archon investigation. Anarchs finished his doom.

Me: Akunanse wall

Not a great start for me. I was predatoring on Imbued, thefted out by !Tre, after resisting them, blocking Anarchs and finaly finished by Malks. Very sad story indeed.

Potomek: Imbued

Imbued were able to oust his prey, but were stopped eventually and ousted by malkavians.

Kunce: Swarm obf + procurers

Did not have a great start either, was ousted due a lack of pressure on imbued and bad knowledge of their cards.

Bik_76: (in) Famous Ignore deck

Was able to wait till the end and oust only remaining player - malkavian. Classic end for this deck.

Dilvish: Malkavian s&b

Ousted three players with heavy bleeding, then fallen to the Ignore deck.

Dilvish: 1 GW 3 VP
Bik_76: 2 VP
Potomek: 1 VP
Fojtik: 1 VP

Sadly I was not present in the fifth round, so there will not be report from that one. Sixth will be probably missed either, so do not expect report from it. I am actually trying to learn for two exams now, but after that, I will bring report from small competitive event we had this weekend.

See you next time.

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