Sunday, May 8, 2011

Polish NAC 2011 - Gliwice

So me and my friend were attending Polish NAC in Gliwice, Poland. First time for me, to attend event outside Czech republic, so I was looking forward to this event. I was actually thinking about switching decks, just before the tournament, to more balanced and playtested one, but I promised, that there will be some combat from our city and did not want to break my word. So the choice for this tournament was my Count Germaine deck. I am actually terrible with names. I will try to find out from a photos later, for now I'll talk only about decks.

1) Saulot combat toolbox - Me (germaine) - Malkavian Madness network - Lasombra bleed - Cybelle

Cybelle was torporized in first combat with one of saulot minions and despite trying to survive, was quickly ousted by lasombra. They were bleeding saulot at first, but then some rush happened from him and they were stuck with only defending against malkavian, bud ousted afterward. I had actually brought out merged Count Germaine and Themistocles, both with some perma + strength stuff. But this had taken me a waaaaaaay longer time, that it should have and I was beaten from Saulot and other stuff. One pentex on the Germaine from my prey later, one misdirected bleed with stealth later, Saulot was able to oust me, but was ousted himself in the heads up.

0 VP for me

2) AAA politics - Eurobrujah w/ beast - Me (Germaine) - Sebastian Goulet & friends - Tremere swarm/wall?

I had a pretty good start this game. Brought out Germaine, merged him, gave him Heroic might. Brought out Themistocles and gave him Heroic too. So I have torporized some vampires and killed some shadow court satyr dudes of Sebastian. He stopped his very little forward pressure after this and made deal with his prey not to go forward and rescuing himself from torpor, bringing out another copy of shadow court satyr and some weenie shields for sebastian. I wasnt planning to rush backwards, but I was defending against bleed, and ended up sending Beast into torpor. Eurobrujah were trying to build upp a little and were at 16 pool. I was stuck around 7, but had a very heavy card jam, my prey turned against me in a wallish state. Then cross-table temptation of greater power from AAA deck happened. I was trying to explain, that it will mean, that my Count Germaine (which has built in rush usable on toreador) will go to his prey, so instead of strong buddy, he will give a weapon to his opponent. He did not believe me, but that is just what happened. So after his prey got Germaine, he made a deal to give him a full option to oust me without any pressure and interference. So I got my prey and predator fully concentrated on me, and was robbed of my star vampire. Well I have lost, but was able to defend against Eurobrujah leading to his oust. After my demise, the table time outed, leaving the game win for AAA.

0 VP for me

3) DoC shattering crescendo - Tupdog Rush w/ Nephandus - Ahrimane wall - Me

Last table was composed of four players, but even swiping a whole five player table would not be enough for me to get to finals, so I was going to have fun, but still try to win. Not much to say about this game. I had terrible draw and just awful replace. Got only one VP after much "help" of tupdog rush and I was beaten down the next turn.

1 VP

So this was actually pretty awful tournament for me. None of my fellow players made it to the finals, but two of them had a pretty good shot. I will add some thoughts about tournament and my deck and its performance - these will be listed in the next post.Here is the deck I played at the tournament:

Deck Name: Count Germaine combat madness
Author: Silmegil

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=9 avg=6.33)
 1x  Abu Nuwasi           3  cel for              Ishtarri:4
 1x  Anarch Convert       1  -none-               Caitiff:ANY
 1x  Caroline Bishops     3  cel for pot          Pander:4
 3x  Count Germaine       8  obf CEL FOR POT PRE  Brujah:4
 3x  Count Germaine ADV   8  obf CEL FOR POT PRE  Brujah:4
 1x  Dmitra Ilyanova      9  obf CEL FOR POT PRE  Brujah:5
 1x  Kenyatta             4  cel for pre          Ishtarri:4
 1x  Themistocles         8  pre AUS CEL FOR POT  Brujah:5

Library (90 cards)
Master (11)
 1x Blood Turnip
 1x Carver's Meat Packing and Storage
 2x Dreams of the Sphinx
 1x Fame
 1x Giant's Blood
 1x Golconda: Inner Peace
 2x Infamous Insurgent
 2x Monster

Event (1)
 1x Scourge of the Enochians

Action (21)
 2x Ambush
 3x Big Game
 3x Bum's Rush
 1x Covenant of Blood
 3x Fleetness
 3x Harass
 1x Heart of the City
 2x Heroic Might
 3x Preternatural Strength

Action Modifier (8)
 8x Forced March

Combat (44)
 4x Diversion
10x Immortal Grapple
 4x Psyche!
10x Pursuit
10x Rolling with the Punches
 6x Taste of Vitae

Combo (5)
 5x Resist Earth's Grasp


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  2. Thats a fine deck but you dont have in it: Tension in The Ranks, Dragonbound. Also too much combat and far too less kick cards like disarms, decapitates. For example i would suggest: switch 8 forced since its 1 per round to 4 forced 4 freaks, kick diversions and go 4 disarms/decapitates. Why Psyche!? You have 10 IG thats just fine maybe add 2 more. Btw. try Rebirth also if you use only 1 fame. Wash or Pentex are good also if not for contesting when it lands on your star vampire. Cheers!

  3. you had a big chance to win the third table (I played Tupdog deck ;)) but unfortunatelly you were not able to oust DoC quick enough. That was nice game anyway, and a taught one for me. Thanks for visiting us. I wish you visited us in December in Pszczyne, where "Szewski" is going to organize the finals of Polish VTES league. Hope to see you in Warsaw too. Good luck !!

  4. Well this deck was tested a lot and there is fair reason for each card to be in it and for those cards, that Karo mentioned, to not be in there.
    Dragonbound and its hand size reducing efect is just too painfull for this deck. Tension is great, but it can be burned really easily and that is really bad, since master module is pretty limited.
    I usually do not need more than one untap granted by forced march, so the freaks would cost me additional blood for no reason. I would also loose the option to use forced for stealth, which seved me a lot of times. Other untaps are moster and insurgent. I can go to 3 actions per turn without playing forced march, so I am good there.
    Main goal is to equip heroic/preternatural. Disarm is not needed in that case and decapitate - well I have not been in a situation, when it was esential.
    Psyche is there mainly to avoid rotshreck when encountered with hand strikes. I would also prefer more IG, but if there is something, that this deck can do.. it is combat. And It would suck, when I would be beaten by two card combo.
    Diversions are great in bot combat and non-combat enviroment. Great against carrions / Ooth and providing aditional strikes.
    Both was and Pentex are valid, but there simly isn't enough space. In those cases, I rely on my cross table buddies or support vampires.

    I know this deck has its flaws, but it is composed for combat superiority. Ousting is often secured by Heart of the city or advanced copy of Germaine and his bleed.

  5. Wargrim: I had a really terrible draw that game. But I very much like your deck. I enjoyed playing against it very much.

    League finals seem fine and I would be glad to participate. It seems close enough. Im am hoping to attend EC in Warsaw, but I am not sure how it is with qualifying for it in theese days.