Friday, November 25, 2011

Final thoughts about EC

I have already finished all reports from all my EC games. This post should cover all the remaining things. I would like to start with the positive things:

1) Organizers - I would like to once again thank them for great job they've done. Almost everything went smoothly with exception of little delays, but that is understandable. Otherwise it was perfect job and I felt very good all the time.

2) People - I have met so many great people and enjoyed this event so much thanks to them. Most of my oponents were just great and I am glad, that I met them.

3) Atmosphere - I have never participated in a tournament this large and I could not imagine it. It was awesome and I hope that I will have a chance to experience that once again.

4) Skilled players - I have seen greatly played games. My playgroup is good, but I have still seen few very cool moves and learned a little bit myself.

5) Decks - I havent actually seen as much cool decks (with a few exceptions). But I have seen many great performances with archetype decks, which separate good player from the pack.

And now, for negative aspects.

1) Decks - Ok I get it, archetypes are archetypes for good reason -they are working, well tested and capable of wining. I am just getting tired of first vampire popping out and I already know what I am against and can almost tell his decklist. I have been surprised during this tournamet, but I was hoping for much more diversity. I know that after cease production, it will only get worse, but I was looking at this event with some hope.

2) Card trading - I was not in the mood for trading during the first day, so I jumped in during second day, but I was surprised with some of the things I have seen. Some people did not want to trade, some people did not want to sell and after I found someone, he asked for ridiculous price. I can understand most of it, if you do not want any of my cards, I can live with that. If you are only selling, ok. I can not get over the prices. Some of them were equal to ebay or even exceeding them - I remember hearing about Shattering Crescendo for 4 EUR. Comparing some of the prices to ebay, this event looked as a great bussiness for some people - same or greater price, but without the need to pay fees for ebay/paypal and no worries with shipping. To be fair, I have found a lots of people to trade with and made some great and I believe that fair deals.

3) Delays and time - I was little dissapointed by the fact, that everything was delayed. Starting with registration at friday, ending with last round of FCQ. Although organizers tried to do their best, some players just weren't helping. People always coming late, especialy in the morning, always problems with registrating etc. I am not blaming organizers, they were briliant and I know that things can go wrong for everyone, but it was little too much. 

4) Playing slowly - I understand, that everyone has his own pace, but I have seen such a ridiculous things. I almost died after start of one game, when players first turn was taking much longer than one minute - he did two transfers, no master, no discard. I understand, that sometimes this choice can be difficult, but still. I do not remember something like this anywhere else. And this one was not alone.

5) Time outs - I was pretty surprised about the number of time outs at this tournament. I have ended up in four games which have time outed from the nine. And at least one more of my games time outed after I was killed. Each time this happens, I feel very dissapointed - it is like there is no win at all. I do not mean Game Win in this instance, but just winning in general. After the time out, even when I get the GW, it stil does not feel like a complete victory. And my opinion in this case is still that Finals should be played without time limit.

I will cut this post at this place. I've got too much distracted during writing this and it lacks consistency since I have been writing this for a few days now. I will continue with hopefully short message about what I do not like at V:tes right now and afterwards will return to posting more game related things.

See you next time...

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