Thursday, March 29, 2012

Countries and Tournaments

Some time ago there were discussions about some tournaments in Czech Republic not being properly announced and marked in the callendar. I am a big fan of and all things this page (and people behind it of course) is doing for our community, so I was one for announcing everything there. I think that even this small step is better for comunity. Well maybe nobody will come, but maybe someone will and that is success.

This made me thinking about how much tournaments there were in year 2011 in each country. I know that not every event was reported, but I was curious about how much of them were - it should indicate to me how important are those countries in VTES world.Of course I know that larger countries will probably have more tournaments, but this is more for interesting facts than some important statistics.

I have taken all my data from event calendar and in cases where there was not coutry, I have used country of organizer. If there were some event which have composed from more tournaments, I have counted each entry as separated tournament. For example EC counted for six tournaments - LCQ, FCQ, Silence of Death, Legendary Vampire, EC day one and EC day two. Technicaly it was only one event, but I believe its magnitude justifies six entries.

So we can see that USA are way way ahead with more than 100 reported events. Not really surprising and I am really happy that VTES is this huge there. Also I am very hapy to see ammount of events in Spain an Poland but all countries from this first graph are just awesome.

Another ten countries, this time from 10 to 4 organized events. Not bad, but not really good either. I would like if more of them were closer to 10, because that is realy good number and it keeps community active.

And finaly last ten, with 4 to 1 tournament. I think this is really bad. Especialy the one, since I think that every country should do a minimum two - championship and qualifier. I know that this is much easier said than done.

I know that many events were probably not reported, but those that were are more importatnt. It means that I will be informed about tournament outside of Czech Republic and I can go there, meet some new people and be a part of community. Unreported tournaments can be fun too, but I strongly support announced and opened events. Even more because of state in which Vtes is. That is all from me right now. The poll is still going on and will for some time. I will try to post something else during the time until it ends and after that, one of my decks will appear here.

See you next time.... 

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