Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tournament ahead

So another tournament in Ostrava is in schedule. Once again in our local pub and this time some people from other metagame should show up. Thanks to this, my classic dilema of chosing a deck, suddenly becomes more simple. I will not choose any fun but weak deck, because I would not like to give others wrong impression about level of game in our meta. So at this moment I have four choices - bleed, block, political and combat deck.

1) True Brujah bleed is probably best choice. Stable deck with reasonable defense and offense. Not really fast, but I have tested it a lot and I am somewhat comfortable with it.

2) Gotsdam block is definitely deck that can stay alive. Ousting on the other hand can be an issue. And it is little slower because of gotsdam beeing star vampire. Still i had some good games with it so it is definitely an option.

3) Scout Youngwood and friends is very tricky deck. I have won with it only once, but I am definitely sure that it has potential. To this point I have problem with playing ruthless enough and also I have problems with risk assesment.

4) Count Germaine Combat Madness v 1.02b has proven itself somewhat cooler with ousting power, but combat is just horrendous. I never have cards that I need. It needs a lot of work, but I am not ready to give up on Germaine.

In the end and depending on my mood and number of players, I may grab something else, but at this point, these are my choices and I have a week to decide. We will see...

See you next time...

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  1. Go for tried and tested — definitely a must when playing tournaments...