Sunday, April 29, 2012

Qawiyya-el-Ghaduba combat toolbox

So this is the deck, that got most votes in the poll. So here is the latest version:

Deck Name: Qawiyya el-Ghaduba
Author: Silmegil

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=9 avg=6.17)
 2x  Aredhel              5  aus FOR VAL          !Salubri:4
 2x  Langa                5  for VAL              !Salubri:4
 1x  Nkechi               4  aus for val          !Salubri:4
 4x  Qawiyya el-Ghaduba   9  aus pre FOR POT VAL  !Salubri:5
 2x  Rashiel              3  for val              !Salubri:4
 1x  Uriel                8  ani obe AUS FOR VAL  !Salubri:4

Library (82 cards)
Master (12)
 2x Archon Investigation
 1x Code of Samiel
 1x Failsafe
 2x Fame
 1x Giant's Blood
 1x Lilith's Blessing
 2x Perfectionist
 1x Tension in the Ranks
 1x Yawp Court

Action (14)
 2x Abbot
 1x Big Game
 3x Bum's Rush
 2x Harass
 2x Rumble
 4x Sense Death

Equipment (5)
 5x Camera Phone

Reaction (15)
 8x Hide the Heart
 4x On the Qui Vive
 3x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (36)
 4x Armor of Caine's Fury
 6x Death Seeker
12x Immortal Grapple
 4x Rolling with the Punches
 4x Slam
 6x Taste of Vitae

Created with Secret Library v0.9.3. (Apr 29, 2012 17:37:52)

So this is like third modification of this toolbox. First was multirush only, second was more blockish option. This one has still a looot problems, but seems most stable at this point.

Main problems:

a) Slow - takes a lot of time to get out star vampire and start doing things
b) Low defense - it is relative , you can always rush backwards, but that does not always win the game
c) Low ousting power - i am really not sure how to increase it, but i see this as the main problem with this mutation

This is definitely not tier 1 deck, not even close, but i still think it is playable. It is reasonably good when bashing mid to highcaps, loses to swarms, quick decks. I would say, that the greatest strength of this deck is, that everyone underestimates it.

To be honest, I would gladly accept any suggestions and ideas. I am not hoping for making this deck tournament winning, but would like to move it to tournament viable. Lets see how it goes in time.

See you next time...


  1. why do you use !salubri of group 6? you could use auspex to safe your pool, and the late game you can rush with Qawiyya

  2. Re: would like to move it to tournament viable

    1. You need faster setup or you have 5 pools in round #4

    2. Add some defense. No survival = no VPs

    3. Add ousting power: you need to kill them to get VPs. No extra VPs for their vampires in torpor.

    resume: rework completely

    btw: "toolbox" usually means that there are several fields whether the deck is good at ... this deck sucks in almost everything except for close combat


  3. Bleed bounce addresses both defense and offense.

    Info Highway and Dreams do something for speed. Dreams would be particularly good since card cycling is such a valuable effect.

    Where's the pool gain? Why x5 Camera Phones?

    Deck seems oriented to a high combat metagame with various squishy bleed decks. I'd expect most tournaments to see far less combat, except for Animalism, so you could lose 25% of the combat cards or so.

    Also, rush is the hardest thing to do, so I'd go back to intercept where you can take out half your Immortal Grapples since you don't have to actually win every combat with intercept combat decks like rush has to win every combat it gets into.

  4. pool gain! meaning blood dolls or villeins. you cant transfer very many minions after a 9 cap if you dont have pool gain. adding blood dolls give you more pool buffer and makes it possible to concentrate more on your prey.

    4/12 star vampires -> wider view (also pool gain)

    9 cap star vampire -> dreams (speeds tranfers, pool gain and recycle hand)

    non camarilla star vampire -> mylan

    bowl of convergence is a nice card to have with auspex. nose of the hound is also usually better than for example big game.

    only qawiyya can use immortal grapples and you have 12/82. with death seekers you can cancel combat ends and strikes anyway and you cant use immortal grapples presses if you cant get close meaning you are screwed if opponents have magnum, sniper or bats. trap or indomability / hidden strength is imho better choice