Saturday, May 17, 2014

How I failed at the Czech ECQ

I was prepared, that I won't be playing if the number of player would be wrong and I was pretty content with that. But in the end, pretty large number of players did not show and we ended up with 12 players only. 13 including myself, so I've played. I was not feeling entirely well after friday night, so I have chosen my Aksinya Shattering deck.

1st Game:

Aksinya's Shattering - Muaziz rush/amaranth-Vignes-Kiasyd s/b

I knew what my prey was playing and he knew my deck as well. I brought up Aksinya, he transfered Muaziz. I was pretty sure I would be able to deal with him, that I will be going backwards and try to shatter kiasyd, even offered to not redirect bleeds. Well, no chance. Aksinya was amaranthed. So Lula Burch bled him for four and was eaten. I started to transfer Aksinya out again, since it was my only option, but i knew from the start, that there was no time. So I died and table vas taken by Vignes, because he cannod be rushed.

Vignes 3 VP GW
Kiasyd s/b 1 VP

2nd Game:

Gerald Windham bleed - Mordechai Block - DoC Crescendos - Aksinya's Shattering

I was expectin this game to be pretty interesting. Balancing table, spending blood carefuly and be ready for crescendos.  Well, not the case. I did like 2 actions in this game. Third was lokis gift, which was DIed. My predator did 42 crescendo damage to my minions until I was finaly down and after that he bled me out. In the meantime, Mordechai was ousted, since Gerald had now push from me. In the end Gerald had taken the table, because my predator had ran out of crescendos. After this game, I have done 3 acions in total.

Windham 3 VP GW
DOC Crescendos 1 VP

3rd Game:

Antonio & Nephandi - Stanislava - Aksinya's Shattering - Mordechai Block - Muaziz Rush/amaranth

Well this game was not looking good from seating at all. Since I run very little stealth, mordechai was just too much. And I was not very fond of Stanislava either. But to my surprise, stanislava never got out due to early nephandus push and Mordechai was torporized by muaziz. I was able to kill them both and Nephandi ousted Stanislava. In the end I was missing one stealth or needed my revolts more early. Four of five revolts were in the last twelve cards. So no luck for me and I was ousted.

Me 2 VP
Antonio & Nephandi 3 VP GW

The last game would have been enough to qualify for Ec, which I still am not. There is no need to say, that I did not make it to finals. There is no detailed report from me, but it was won by Stanislava with 4 VP. Two games were crap and I did not qualify. Needles to say, that I was not in a best of moods. But what the hell. I missed Stockholm and I really do not want to miss Mannheim, so I will try to qualify and hope to meet everyone there.

See you next time...

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