Monday, September 19, 2011

2 vs 2

Since I have not posted for some time now, I will try to catch up a little. 2 vs 2 is very interesting format, which we have played and tested within our playgroup. Basic rules of V:tes apply to this format with only few exceptions.

1) As the title of this format suggests, two pairs of people compete against each other, therefore you need 4 persons for each game and only 4 player tables exist at this event.
2) Pairs register for this event simultanously and have to agree to play with each other. They build decks in advance to support each others strategy and to work together well.
3) Teams (or pairs) remain constant for the entire event and there is no switching.
4) Seating of players is not decided at random as usual. Players seating is chosen, so you have prey and predator from oposite team. Your teammate is across the table. Starting order is chosen randomly as usual.
5) Deck for this event is limited with standard rules of V:tes. This means no banned cards and of course deck is limited only to 80 cards, because of the constant 4 player tables.
6) You and your teammate play with your pool joint. This means that entire team has 60 pool aviable from the start. They do not have to be distributed evenly. Team looses after there pool is totaly depleted.

We have played more than a few games of this format, but only two tournaments - which both were awesome. We didn't find any problem with cards, which would be troublesome or overpowered in this format, but we could not test everything. Some cards or strategies proved to be very offective and we have found some pretty cool combinations. Overall this format is very enjoyable and I recommend it.

Pros: New format, new strategies, combination play, different gameplay

Cons: Usually more time to set up the event because of training and combining decks and also if someone cannot find him a partner for this event, he can't play

See you next time...

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