Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tournament coming up

So it seems there are lots of tournaments held lately. It is no mystery. EC is really close now and people are trying to qualify. So it is not a surprise, that even my city - Ostrava is a place where will be one of those tournaments. Not a championship or qualifier, only regular tournament, but still. One more person to go with me to EC. At least I hope. The tournament will be held 1.10.2011, so less then a week to the future and I still do not know, what to play. Well my tremere politics is always a possibility, but I would rather risk and try something new in tournament enviroment. So these are my choices:

Scobax wall - well i know, probably not a first choice, but what the hell, it is too evil for casual games, but for tournament it can be ok and I am willing to try

Frederick the weak multirush deck - my one and only deck copied from the internet. It is slightly modified, but the core - 60x Indomitability is still there and that is what counts. Another deck, which is not really tournament win likely, but what the hell, I just like this baby

Guruhi vote - I have just built it and it shows a lot of promise. I would like to see it in really tight spots, so tournament is the right place to go

Something safe and boring - so either my IC politics, Public trust bleed or Giovanni powerbleed - this would be a safe choice, but I am already qualified and realy not in the mood for something this boring.

Still, we will see night before tournament. I could go for some of my less tested or perfected decks.

See you next time, hopefuly with the report...

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  1. Play Frederick!!! I NEED DECKLIST!!!